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Rune Stefansson holds an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Copenhagen. He was born in Copenhagen in 1971 and has lived in Bilbao in Spain since 2017. He is a writer of fiction and also works as a freelance journalist and editor.

In 2022, he published season 1 of his “Original” Vidnerne (“The Witnesses”), and season 2 will reach its audience from May 2024. Season 3 will come in 2025. The police trilogy is published by Mofibo, the Danish part of Storytel.

At Byens Forlag, Copenhagen, Rune Stefansson has published six books: the collection of short stories Natskrig (2020) the crime novel Korsborg (2019), and the well-reviewed Marcelo Krankl crime novels, consisting of four independent volumes (2011-2016).

Stefansson’s first book was published in 1998 at Tiderne Skifter. It is a journalistic portrait of a continent with the title Sydamerikas sjæl – reportage og interview (Soul of South America – reportages and interviews).

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Mofibo/Storytel has the full rights for the Mofibo Original-series Vidnerne (The Witnesses).

The international rights of the novels and short stories published by Byens Forlag have not yet been sold. Below you will find short abstracts of the books. More detailed abstracts can be obtained if you wish.


The Trilogy The Witnesses (Danish: Vidnerne) is a Storytel Original, in Denmark known as a “Mofibo Original”. The protagonists are the police detectives Jørgen Ågård & Elise Holm whose base is Roskilde.

The series is about religion, fanaticism and evil – but also about new love.


Season 1: THE AVENGER (Hævneren, 2022)

A famous Jewish architect is found dead, brutally slaughtered. The same day, Jørgen is kicked out of Jehova’s Witnesses, and he loses contact with his wife and their sick daughter.

Further on, two persons are found dead in the Negev Desert in Israel, and Jørgen is looking for a Danish connection. Meanwhile, a group of men, suspected of preparing Islamic terrorism, are being arrested back home in Denmark.

Soon Jørgen and his colleagues will have to try to protect the bishop of Roskilde.

Also Jørgen and Elise are being personally threatened, as the avenger seems to know one of them very well.


Season 2: THE FALL (Faldet, May 2024)

In the Faroe Islands, Freya Olsen, spokesperson for the local LGBT+ organisation, falls over a cliff edge, and dies. Three conservative priests, strongly against homosexual activities, are the only witnesses to the alleged suicide.

Jørgen Ågård and Elise Holm travel to the North Atlantic and question the priests’ explanations. While Jørgen and Elise approach each other on a personal level, more people die in the dangerous landscapes.

Meanwhile, whales are being hunted in the fjords, and foreign activists are fighting against it. The leader of the Operation Bloody Fjords happens to be gay, and Jørgen and Elise discover a certain connection between the whale war and the churches that are being burnt down.


Season 3:

The last season of the trilogy will be published in 2025.


August 2020, Rune Stefansson published a collection of seven crime fiction short stories. The title, Natskrig, might be translated directly into “Night-scream”.

Inspired by, among others, Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories and Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”, Stefansson creates small pieces of crime fiction with a mix of facts and fictitious events.

A few of the stories follow the murders – or the person who provokes the dramatic actions.

The stories take the reader round the world – from Danish towns, to Huanchaco in Peru and Bilbao where the writer lives. The short story from Bilbao takes place under the COVID-19 confinement.

Korsborg is a crime novel from the fictional Danish town Korsborg (meaning something like Crossburgh). It centers around a group of neopaganists (Asatru) and their conflict with a fundamentalist Christian sect. A woman is found hanged in Korsborg Forest, seemingly a ritual sacrifice. A Thor’s hammer is discovered near the dead body. And more crimes will happen.

Marcelo Krankl is a Chilean-Danish private detective from Copenhagen. He is a strong-tempered, passionate, and politically incorrect Latin lover, born in 1973. In volume 1, an Israeli billionaire and former Mossad boss, Hanoch Portman, is introduced as a Professor Moriarty-like mastermind of the series. Marcelo is forced to work for his deadly enemy.

Volume 1, Blockbuster  (2011), is the story about a Danish medical company, Nord, that undertakes illegal, mortal experiments on twin children in Guatemala with a new type of insulin. The beautiful Jewish PhD-student, Sophia Goldbaum hires Marcelo to help uncover the secrets of the company. Together they go to Buenos Aires, and Marcelo travels on to Guatemala City to find the hidden twin orphanage. Portman, the Israeli mastermind, appears as a powerful shareholder of Nord. A “blockbuster” is a new medical product that sells for more than one billion US dollars a year. Lots of money is at stake, and somebody is willing to kill for this.

Volume 2, Baby Rasta (2013), takes place in Gambia in West Africa during election times. A bisexual Danish boyband singer has been eaten by sacred crocodiles, and a video of the brutal killing is put on YouTube, ruining the blooming Gambian tourist industry. President Aleph is a cruel and crazy Islamist semi-dictator, whereas the leader of the democratic opposition is a darling of the West. Both politicians are in love with the same woman, Baby Rasta. Marcelo gets close to this femme fatale as well a to the president and the democratic candidate. A brutal drama, a mixture of crime fiction and the so-called Latin American dictator novel.

Volume 3,The Last Oil (Den sidste olie, 2016), takes place in Nuuk and Ilulissat in Greenland. The Greenpeace journalist Vicky von der Pahlen disappears while making videos about oil production and other environmental threats to Greenland and the Arctic. Marcelo finds out that Vicky has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in a small, uninhabited island. Marcelo sails out in the large Nuuk fjord area to rescue her, while a small, radical environmental group is planning an accident with an oil tanker to call the world’s attention to the vulnerability of the Arctic.

Volume 4, Dangerous Play (Højt spil, 2016), is the story about match-fixing (manipulation with sports results) directed by Asian gambling syndicates. After having solved a match-fixing case in a Danish football club, Marcelo and his assistant Toni are hired by FC Bayern. The club from Munich fears for criminal activity. Players and gamblers as well as a betting-expert and a famous football boss will lose their lives. A modern football-drama and a portrait of Bavaria and Germany – with Scandinavian Verfremdung.

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